SINCE 1723

Get To Know Our Farm

Jan Harmsgat Farm, dating back to 1723, is situated on the most southern tip of the Robertson Wine valley along the foothills of the Langeberg Mountains.


Different Crops Planted on The Farm

Alongside the flourishing 58 hectares of pomegranate orchards, the estate also manages 16.8 hectares of vineyards, contributing to the region's renowned viticulture, while an additional 8.5 hectares are devoted to pecan farming, reflecting a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

Our unique position borders with the dry conditions of the Karoo as well as the cool sea breezes from the Coastal Regions. Therefore, the direction of our vineyard planting runs from East to West.

Our wine and juice are crafted in the heart of Swellendam on our farm. We produce them in small batches and sell them all over South Africa. 

Our philosophy is to create delicious single-block wines – this is the smallest production unit for vineyards and may not exceed six hectares per cultivar.

Some facts about Pomegranates

The botanical name for the fruit is Punica granatum, an ancient fruit borne by a deciduous shrub or small tree reaching heights of 5 to 8 meters. While self-pollinating, bees are also utilized on the farm due to the presence of both male and female flowers. Harvested between March and May, approximately 2000 tonnes of pomegranates are gathered annually. These fruits are sold domestically in South Africa and exported to the UK, EU, and Egypt. Prior to harvesting, the sugar content (Brix) is tested, aiming for a minimum of 16.

Post-harvest, the pomegranates are transported to the farm's warehouse, where they undergo a thorough washing process with HACCP-quality chlorine, followed by rinsing and sorting based on quality criteria, before being packed and chilled (5 – 8°C). Under regular refrigeration, pomegranates can be stored for up to 6 weeks, while under controlled atmospheric conditions, they may last up to 5 months.


Pomegranate Juice

At JHG, we believe in purity and quality when it comes to our pomegranate juice. Our commitment to delivering the best starts with the fruit itself.

100% Pure Goodness

When you choose JHG Pomegranate juice, you're choosing 100% juice with no additives. Our juice contains nothing but the pure essence of the fruit, enhanced only by a natural preservative, natamycin.

Nutritional Integrity

We believe in capturing the full nutritional potential of pomegranates. That's why we squeeze the whole fruit, ensuring that every drop of juice contains maximum nutritional value.

Concentrated Goodness

To achieve the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition, we use 3.5 kilograms of fresh pomegranates for every liter of juice we produce. This dedication to quality ensures that each sip is bursting with goodness.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Pomegranate juice is renowned for its high concentration of polyphenols, making it a potent antioxidant. In fact, our juice contains more antioxidants than red wine and green tea combined.