100% Pomegranate Juice 2L Box


Our pomegranate juice is made from juicing the whole pomegranate fruit, keeping all its nutritional quality.

Fact: It takes 7kg of fresh pomegranates to produce 2 litre of juice.

Sold per case 3 X 2L Boxes

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Since 1723, Jan Harmsgat Historic Farm & Country House is situated on the most southern tip of the Robertson Wine valley along the foothills of the Langeberg Mountains. Our unique position borders with the dry conditions of the Karoo as well as the cool sea breezes from the Coastal Regions.

Pomegranate fruit is recognised as an ancient fruit. People all over the world are attracted by its rich and complex antioxidants. Supermarkets, health food stores and even street corner fruit shops are stocked with Pomegranate fruits and their juices.

The JHG Pomegranate Juice is 100% pomegranate juice. At Jan Harmsgat we farm with 38 hectares of the Wonderful varietal.

Our harvesting season of the pomegranates is between March and May each year. The fruit is harvested by clipping them off by hand with shears. Pomegranate fruit is handled very carefully as they are sensitive and prone to bruising.